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Jeff Blanco

Hitting/Pitching Instructor

Monarch's Softball Founder


Coach Jeff Blanco, Monarch's Softball Founder is a Nationally Accomplished Coach with a PGF National Championship Title and numerous TOP finishes at national tournaments over the past several years. Coach Blanco’s start in softball is similar to many dads — he got into the sport when his two daughters, Kayla and Tera, decided they wanted to play. Starting as his daughter’s coach, Jeff soon was giving private lessons 4 days a week. As more and more players came to him for instruction, Coach Blanco found himself in the unique position to leave his job in the mortgage industry to focus full time on growing his softball training business.“I always had a passion and eagerness to teach and work with kids, so this was perfect for me.” He remembers.In 2011, he launched Advanced Fastpitch Training (AFT), which specializes in preparing high school aged softball players for the next level of fastpitch softball. AFT is the  training arm for each of his teams in the Firecracker Organization. Coach Blanco trains and develops his Firecrackers athletes to be able to market themselves to potential college coaches and then uses his deep contacts to work with college coaches to find players who are the right fit for the coaches’ needs.“My role is to personally train each one of my AFT members and Firecracker players, so I can speak on their behalf to college coach and give considered evaluation as to what would be a good fit for both the college coach and my player.” explains Coach Blanco. Coach Blanco holds numerous Prospect Camps throughout the year that are open to players who train with him through AFT and his Firecrackers teams. An average of 50 college coaches attends each prospect camp, with many more coaches communicating with Coach Blanco via video, phone and email to zero in on the right players for their college teams. Since the fall of 2011, the number of student athletes that have trained with Coach Blanco and/or haved participated in AFT Prospect Camps and have gone on to sign or verbally commit to 4 year colleges, is 133 and counting. Here is a list of his teams’ accomplishments over the past 5 years: 2011 16U PGF National Champions, 2011 16U TCS Colorado Fireworks 3rd Place, 2012 16U ASA Champions Cup 5th Place, 2013 16U PGF Nationals 3rd Place, 2013 16U TCS Colorado Fireworks Champions,  2014 16U TCS Nationals 7th Place, 2014 18U TCS Sparkler 3rd Place, 2014 18U TCS World Series 5th Place, 2014 18U PGF Nationals 25th Place, 2015 18U TCS Colorado Fireworks 17th Place, 2015 18U TCS Nationals 13th Place, 2015 16U PGF Nationals 25th Place, 2015 18U PGF Nationals 17th Place.

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