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  • Almost 10,000 sq ft of space for softball and baseball training of all ages

  • 9 Batting Cage Tunnels for all your softball and baseball needs

  • Jugs Softball Machines

  • Iron Mike Baseball machine

Hitting Lessons
We offer hitting lessons with some of the best instructors in the game. Softball instructors include Mike Perez, Steve Harrington, Jeff Blanco, and Scott Stroud. Baseball instructors include Scott Stroud and Victor Salazar. Prices and duration vary upon instructor. Instructors contact information is under their bio on the instructors tab. 

Pitching and Catching Lessons
Baseball pitching lessons are offered by Scott Stroud.. Softball pitching lessons with Steve Harrington. Contact us for details. 

Fielding and Hitting

Coach Nashea Diggs offers fielding and hitting lessons for players of all ages. Please contact him via our instructor link to book a lesson today!

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